Raise your puppy into the dog you've always wanted
Don't just survive puppyhood and adolescence - THRIVE! 
Puppies are supposed to test your limits and your patience; that's how you know they're normal in development. 

This is an online course for guardians of puppies & dogs aged 0-12 months. We'll give you strategies to stop unwanted behaviour, teach good behaviour, prevent problems, and socialise your puppy properly. 

Raise your puppy into the dog you've always wanted.
What's Included:

35+ lessons with videos, text, diagrams and step-by-step training plans 

A full list of recommended tools and links to purchase

PDF guides to accompany your lessons

Clear direction about all things puppy - biting, barking, crate-training, sleep, walks, socialisation, discipline, play, and mealtime

Adolescents Anonymous (coming soon!) - our course to guide you through the challenges of adolescence (6-18mo) without losing your cool

 [ BONUS ] "Primary & Secondary School" - our full puppy training and socialisation course as if you were in our group classes, plus our full basic training course!

[ BONUS ] "Confinement & Alone-Time Training" - a course that helps you prepare your dog for confinement and alone-time!

[ BONUS ] "Dogs 101" - a course all about dogs, from how they learn, the basics of body language and canine communication, to foundational pieces like exercise guidelines, development, health, nutrition, and grooming. 

[ BONUS ] One (1) FREE Month in our supportive membership ($24/mo ongoing)

[ BONUS ] "Marker-based training" challenge in the community

[ BONUS ] "Creating a Food-Motivated Dog" challenge in the community

Eighteen (18) months' access to the course materials including updates! 

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